Bullies Damaged Our Front Door Lock

My son was getting bullied at school along with several other students. I did not realize how bad it was getting for him until the bullies made it extremely personal and started taking their anger out on my son and the others in their personal spaces. They nearly destroyed our front lock by jamming something into it, and they caused some other damage to the house too. I knew that I would need to get a company out that does lock repairs in Brisbane but not before I contacted the police. This had gone too far, and I was tired of waiting for the school authorities to do something about it.

The police were able to round up the responsible kids, and they were charged as adults in the crimes they committed. That made me feel so good because they would finally see some consequences of their actions. As for my son, he has been in counseling with some of the other students, and things are getting better. I had to take care of the damage done to our house, which was easy for the most part. The only thing I could not do was repair the lock that they had damaged.

I was not sure if it could even be repaired of it would just need to be replaced. I left that decision to the locksmith, who told me that he could do either one for roughly the same price. The lock was that damaged, so I told him to just go ahead and put a new lock on. He did that, and he gave me the new key. I wanted to have the back door use the same key, so he rekeyed that lock for me so we would only need to have one key for both doors. Life has been rough the last few months, but we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.