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Why Cursive Handwriting is Necessary for Your Child If you have kids and are keen for them to get quality education, you may have noticed that they are no longer taught cursive handwriting skills. The schools visualize typing as the future of writing and have opted to educate their students on typing skills instead of writing. To many people, eliminating handwriting would only disadvantage kids who are still in elementary and are developing essential reading and writing skills. In 2010, the Department of Education produced their Common Core State Standards for education and curiously cursive handwriting was missing. This documentation is created to govern the core practices that are to be applied in English and mathematics. These standards come with requirements that the students need to meet in order to proceed with their college successfully as well as be successful in their careers. While cursive handwriting was eliminated, keyboarding was introduced as a skill. As a result, it has made many people to condemn the move to belittle handwriting at the expense of keyboarding. Cursive handwriting has for a long time been fundamental in the education system, even though its elimination hasn’t been explained. Nowadays, with the Common Core Standards allowing states to choose whether or not to include cursive handwriting, it has become optional. States have taken the opportunity to eliminate cursive handwriting, labeling it as time-wasting and old-fashioned.
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Regardless of the way you view handwriting inclusion in the curriculum, it is an essential skill that needs to be taught in every school. Nowadays, changes are being made in the education sector without considering the effects that these changes cause to the young learners. The quick shift to remove cursive handwriting from schools doesn’t have an adequate explanation until now. With most of the education focused on technology, schools have opted to teach keyboarding. There is very little regard nowadays on the way kids develop abilities in handwriting, composition, and spelling.
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There is a wide range of resources that you can get online whenever you are thinking of learning cursive handwriting. This handwriting will help kids develop essential neuropathways for better habit changes and response to repeated actions. In cursive handwriting, letters connect to each other differently. This puts in action the part of the brain that is responsible for converting symbols and sequences into movements of the hands. Although there might be a lot of controversy when the topic of cursive handwriting is introduced anywhere, there is no denying that cursive handwriting has had a huge impact in elementary school education.