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Planning a Vintage Wedding So you’re tying the knot! If you’re thinking that planning a wedding is a breeze, get ready to be shocked. Being able to make every single aspect of your wedding look vintage while being fabulous for the most part is just a small part of the whole wedding preparation. An authentic and gorgeous vintage wedding is not entirely based on the design and style of your accessories and dresses; a vintage wedding is all about the ambience and mood of the event for the whole day. Tips on How to Plan for Your Vintage Wedding The bride or designer can go for the ultimate vintage wedding that makes any modern item shy away from the venue or go for the modern wedding coupled with amazing vintage pieces to die for; in the end it will still be your choice as a bride so no pressure. A few factors need to be take into account as you start and finalise each and every aspect of the wedding.
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Try looking for multiple samples of vintage wedding invitations.
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One of the most stylish ways to reveal you whole wedding theme to your guests is through the invitation that they’ll receive. Your wedding invitation should scream ‘vintage’, opt for designs that’ll make your invitation look like an old photo, a forgotten telegraph or even a significant item that represents the era that you want. Thoroughly check the colours and designs of the accessories on your wedding venue. Certain eras standout thanks to their specific colours and designs. For instance, the use of turquoise in vintage designs mean that it belonged to the era of the 1950’s. As a bride, you have the final say in everything that goes in the wedding venue so if any vintage design calls to you and it so happens to fit the theme then go for it; you have the final say with regards to the colours, centre pieces, designs and just about every excruciating detail there is. In case you chose to go for a modern theme with a vintage twist, just be sure to incorporate everything really well since a design out of place is quite the eyesore. Look into some of the famous dishes served during your favourite era. The era that you chose for your vintage theme might have had a signature dish or drink made popular during their time. On the other hand, if you want to go for a walk down memory lane, you can opt for an old family recipe, grandma’s signature dishes or even grandpa’s favourite drink.