How to Personalize an Entire Wall

The decor in the vast majority of homes includes pictures hung in frames on the walls. Children when they were younger, that great family vacation, and photos of the milestones adorn some part of the wall. People carefully select picture frames that will not overshadow the photograph, blend in with the existing decor, and fit the space. After a short period of time, the pictures fade, dust collects on the frames, and the glass gets smudged. Those wonderful pictures become diminished when placed in a frame and just hung on the wall. Changing the frames can become a hassle because the wall has to be repaired every time a new frame goes up, or one is removed.

All that work, cleaning and maintenance, and the cost of frames can be eliminated by having Photo Murals custom made to go on the wall. People can upload their photographs and have them printed out as wall murals. Simply measure the wall, select the photographs desired, and submit them online to the company. What will arrive at the doorstep will be a mural of all those pictures arranged by expert designers to be placed on the wall. Installation is easy and fast, murals are more cost-effective than wallpaper or paint, and the entire wall can be personalized. All murals are treated with ultraviolet light protection to guard against fading, are printed with non-toxic inks, and are fire-retardant to comply with British standards for fire rating.

Image that family room with one wall dedicated to celebrations over the years. Customers can upload pictures of birthdays, summer barbecues, anniversary parties, and family reunions. Rather than repainting the wall along the staircase, order a bespoke mural with pictures of the kids and grandchildren. There will be no frames to clean, dust, or break. The mural will never need straightening, and the finish cleans off easily with a damp cloth. Murals can be ordered in standard print, premium, or spray-on materials. Standard print murals include the paste needed for installation, complete instructions, a pencil, and the snap off knife. Premium murals are laminated and thicker for longer wear and maximum shine. Spray-on murals require merely tap water and a brush to install and come with an installation video. Whichever type of order is placed, the end result will be a high-quality mural that is distinct and stunning.