Finding the Perfect Desk Mat

Whether setting up an office at work, or one in the home, it is imperative not to forget the desk mat. The mat serves many functions and will need to suit the user and the purposes on a daily basis. The first thing it does is protect the flooring. Rolling a chair over hardwood, carpeting, or tiles will cause damage to both the floor and the chair. The chair casters will wear down quickly as the combined weight of the chair and the user is forced back and forth along carpet fibers, or layers of floor polish. The build-up will slow down the wheels, and make the chair harder to move.

The floor will be worn down, indented, or left with scuffs and track marks from the chair. A desk mat from the very beginning will provide a smooth, flat, and barrier-free surface for the chair. Moving back and forth will not ruin the floor, wear down the wheels, or become more difficult with time. Having a mat during set up will also dictate at which height the chair needs to be adjusted. A desk mat will also help comfort. Thick cushioning under the feet will prevent them from getting tired. Getting up and down from the chair will cause less stress on joints and muscles, if the mat is placed properly. That saves the knees and back from getting stiff or sore throughout the day.

The best way to find the perfect mat is to shop at physical office supply stores. Users can try out different mats, compare quality and thickness, and get a realistic feel for how the mat will perform. The drawback to that may be pricing. Mats in actual stores tend to cost more to cover overhead and staffing costs. Pricing and variety is typically more favorable online. One way to get the advantages of both is to try some mats in stores and get an idea of thickness, dimensions, and prices. Once that is completed, conduct an internet search to find a desk mat online. Look for one that is similar to those found in the store. Compare materials, thickness, pricing, and warranties. The results will be a mat to suit the purposes, as well as blend in well with the office decor.