Empathy and Memories: Winning Back an Ex with a Reminder of the Best Times

Are all break-ups justified? Break-ups almost always hurt (hence the name- something is breaking). But, some ex’s can be won back because the relationship is strong and amazing at one point. How can a girl win her ex back?


It’s a classic cliché. Women want to be heard. Just listen. Though the cliché usually applies to women, men generally feel the same. They just want to be heard. One way to connect with an ex is through empathy. Understand what makes him frustrated and listen to his concerns. By just listening (and truly sitting back and soaking it in) a girl could win their ex back. But, it takes some sincere empathy. This does not mean that either party is not responsible for the relationship breaking. But, it does mean that the girl shows some specific understanding of what made her boyfriend get away in the first place.

Shared Responsibility

Guys know in their heart that the break-up was partly their fault. They may not admit it openly. They may not want to admit it to themselves. But, it takes someone aware of the shared responsibility to open up and say, “yes, we are both at fault.” The guy should be responsive to this sentiment because it always takes two. If he isn’t, he probably isn’t all that mature and grown up. In every relationship, it takes two people who are at fault to admit to being partly at fault. This may jumpstart the relationship once again.

Fond Memories and a Little Distance

Remind him of a great time. Then, after it is said in a text, reel back. Nice subtle reminders can be a powerful way to remind an ex of the great times that helped build the relationship up initially. But, do not overdo it. This will help remind him of the bad things (controlling, excessive persistence, too much attention, etc). A small reminder here and there is a quiet and reflective way to tell a guy how special he is.

Visit howtogethimbacktips.com for many more tips on winning back an ex. before digging too deep, take some time for reflection. Is this a relationship worth saving? What is the bigger picture?