Time to Get New Furniture

I love the furniture that my husband and I bought about ten years ago is the most comfortable that I have ever had in my life, it will be really hard to buy something that will replace it. It isn’t in the worst shape, but I know that it has seen better days. The sofas that we have are made with memory foam, which make it great if we fall asleep while watching TV at night. I do believe that there are people that come to our home that chose to sleep just because they know that they can stay on our sofa. Continue reading


While PlusOne was created for the demographic that needed true options the most, There was still a key opportunity to improve the current offerings where options are plenty. Throughout the process of learning about what formula compositions work best with paricular hair/scalp/skin types, I noticed a theme. The hustle was in full effect on those who were willing to believe the hype.

 Apparently, Men should smell like various buzzwords.

Fragrance game. There are complete product lines that focus solely on the concept of scents. The more pungent, the more male. Wackynames such as “Matterhorn” and “Pure Power Rush” allowe the rebranding/repackaging of the same old formulations be sold as an improvement over the last iteration. A truly fascinating phenomenon. And so far, a profitable one.

Real Men don’t need to think, they just need to AWESOME.

Unecessary package design. You’ve seen it. Part Transformer, Part Lamboghini, all MAN. And of course – CHICKS. However, flip that bottle over, and there are more colors, gelitans and fragrances rather than effective formula. Got ’em. And the cash comes pouring in. And upon further thought – what type of “chick” is attracted to a person who uses this stuff? Just a thought.

.00002% of turnip rind should do it.

Fruit/Herb Extracts. Cucumber infused, tigerlilly, alvocado. Agave melon, hibiscus with a calculated splash of argan oil reduction. Sounds fancy, but how raw are these extracts and what’s the purpose of including them? Well, once explained and once understood how much Tigerlilly would actually be needed to produce effect – you’ll wonder how much they need to pay you for past purchases.


 The most advanced formulations without all the extra

From formulation to containment, PlusOne includes ONLY what is needed to produce incredibly target results. PlusOne does not include fragrance for a reason. When you spend a considerable amount on your favorite cologne, why would you want it to wrestle with the scent of several different grooming products? It all comes down to having precision in your groming regimine. If you require a product line that compliments the style you wish to project to the world – PlusOne is the ONLY line to deliver.

Unlike anything You’ve seen

 “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I believe this has been the prevailing attitude in Ethnic/Multi-Cultural Men’s haircare industry. Consider this: There have been countless pomade remixes and remakes since the likes of what you see here.

Sometimes the branding has been updated to reflect contemporary style, but the ingredient list tells the same old story. And Cleansing/Conditioning? All but non-existent. How about shaving? Scraping smelly creams, expensive subscription based saftey razor/pproduct combos are far from the innovative solution we seek.

Plus One is the only TRULY modernized system that features advancements in formulation and method for Ethnic/Bi-Racial Men. From products that will bring optimal hydration without a hint of grease or wax which can leave the scalp and hair unable to breathe.

Plus One has been engineered with the finest ingredients and carefully balanced formulations for optimal ph from the scalp to the follicle tip. The result? Naturally deep luxurious waves and curls that never greasy or filmy to the touch. Razor shaves finally achieved leaving skin so smooth and bump free it would seem like a miracle.

Simply put, Plus One has the most targeted and focused formulations that will work better than anything you’ve ever tried before.

PlusOne was engineered to be much different than anything you’ve used before. Which is why I needed to invent a complete solution to address the main issues with the bottles and containers available today.

The days of having to cut open or scrape bottles, turn upside down dilute bottles with water in order to get remaining product out are long gone.

I designed, engineered and Patented the PlusOne family of containers myself. I sucessfully changed the geometry used in airless pumping methods to deliver an entirely new technology. I designed a railing system that creates a seamless, single form factor while allowing independent formulations to be dispensed for the only true 2-in-1 offering.

The containers even feature a cap assembly that utilizes push button dispensing and positionable spout. Which when recessed, the spout features an anti-dispense design so you never have to worry about accidentally shampooing/conditioning your favorite gymbag.

These are just some of the engineering features that have been implemented, and were an absolute necessity when housing the advance formulations of PlusOne. No compromises.

I believe one of the first things we notice in design is not necesarrily the thing seen which impacts us, rather the feeling created upon it’s view wthat resonates long after. PlusOne is definately inline with this logic. At the forefront is minimal design. PlusOne’s design language serves as a filter, fostering intrigue and connection to those with a refined pallate, resulting in the desire to examine the complete depth of the offering.

Although featuring masculine lines, tones of dark brush nickel and gunmetal – The PlusOne aesthetic does not require the overt bullhorn of masculinity most popular products need in order to sell.

PlusOne is also heavily influenced by technology. The multi-function and extensible concepts we have been conditioned to expect from our devices are ever present in PlusOne’s design. Each core formulation can be considered root, while having a complimentary suite of formulations that can be paired and connected to deliver an even more precise grooming experience.

From top to bottom, inside and out – PlusOne is the most well thought out Men’s line on the market in decades.

PlusOne was originally designed to be a salon exclusive product line. As I practice barbering, I have a long held understanding that waiting for a vendor to come by to hopefully have the products I carry for my clients is not the best way to do business.

By now I had hoped the product vendor business would have utilized a for of technology to distribute products more efficiently. Well, that has yet to happen. Which was another reason why I knew PlusOne was needed.

Gone are the days where we as professionals have to recommend a multitude of products just for our customers to obtain their grooming goals. No more waiting on vendors or hoping they ordered enough of what the clients want.

PlusOne’s concept is simple. You want the cleanser, it will be immediately delivered to you. Needing some pre shave and post shave? On it’s way. PlusOne eliminates the upsell, inconvenience and the many other hardships while stuck under vendors for salon exclusives.