About Plus One

By license I am a cosmetologist, and by practice, I barber at a high level. This allows me a very unique perspective into my industry, and some of the glaring inequities from within. From the Barbering aspect, I continue to be astonished by the neglect the product industry continues to show towards the grooming needs of the Ethnic/Multi-Cultural male. I often find myself recommending combinations of older products, and products formulated for other demographics in order to achieve satisfactory results.

From the Cosmo aspect, I’ve seen “salon exclusive” products that are merely rehashes of the same old products with updated marketing. More times than not, key terms or phrases are emphasized in order to align the product with the latest popular ingredient or philosophy. And unlike the Male demographic, there seems to be a multitude of offerrings trying to cash in.

Almost 10 years ago I set out to create Plus One for the sole purpose of filling the incredible product void that I’m amazed still exists. As I set out to modernize the product industry with incredibly targeted and effective formulations, gorgeous aesthetics, impeccable engineering and design –  I soon found that existing formulations and bottling options were not suited for the caliber of Plus One.

Thousands upon thousands of my own dollars were invested. Years of learning the fundamentals of mechanical engeneering, IP Law, and furthering my knowledge of chemistry were necessary in order to achieve the results our demographic has deserved for decades. And after nearly a decade, I can finally announce that “The Next Generation of Men’s Grooming is here. Finally.” And I truly believe you will be amazed with what we’ve achieved in Plus One.